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  • [Invited paper] Mike Thelwall, Kevan Buckley, George Paltoglou, Marcin Skowron, David Garcia, Stephane Gobron, Junghyun Ahn, Arvid Kappas, Dennis Küster, and Janusz A. Holyst (2013). Damping Sentiment Analysis in Online Communication: Discussions, Monologs and Dialogs. In: A. Gelbukh (Ed.): CICLing 2013, Part II, LNCS 7817, pp. 1-12. Springer, Heidelberg.
  • Pfitzner, R., Garas, A., & Schweitzer, F. (2012). Emotional divergence influences information spreading in Twitter. AAAI ICWSM 2012.

  • Ponomareva, N. & Thelwall, M. (2012). Biographies or Blenders: Which Resource is Best for Cross-Domain Sentiment Analysis? CICLING 2012, Delhi, India and Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7181/2012, 488-499.

  • Skowron, M., Rank, S., Theunis, M., Sienkiewicz, J., (2011): The good, the bad and the neutral: affective profile in dialog system-user communication, Proceedings of the fourth bi-annual Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction Conference - (ACII 2011), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 337-346.

  • Skowron, M., Theunis, M., Rank, S., Chmiel, A., (2011): Effect of affective profile on communication patterns and affective expressions in interactions with a dialog system, Proceedings of the fourth bi-annual Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction Conference - (ACII 2011), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 347-356.

  • Garcia, David, Schweitzer, Frank: Emotions in product reviews - Empirics and models, Proceedings of 2011 IEEE International Conference on Privacy, Security, Risk, and Trust, and IEEE International Conference on Social Computing, PASSAT/SocialCom 2011, pp. 483-488.

  • Gobron, S., Ahn, J., Silvestre, Q., Thalmann, D., Rank, S., Skowron, M., Paltoglou, G., Thelwall, M. (2011). An Interdisciplinary VR-architecture for 3D chatting with non-verbal communication, Joint Virtual Reality Conference of EuroVR (EGVE 2011).

  • Skowron, M., Pirker, H., Rank, S., Paltoglou, G., Ahn, J., & Gobron, S., (2011). No peanuts! Affective Cues for the Virtual Bartender, Proceedings of the Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference (FLAIRS-24), pp. 117-122, May 18-20, West Palm Beach, FL, USA.
  • Rank S. (2010): Docking Agent-based Simulation of Collective Emotion to Equation-based Models and Interactive Agents. In Ören T., Yilmaz L.
    (eds.): Proceedings of Agent-Directed Simulation Symposium at the 2009 Spring Simulation Conference, SpringSim 2010, Orlando FL USA, The Society for Modeling & Simulation International (SCS), pp.82-89.
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  • Paltoglou, G., Thelwall, M. & Buckley, K. (2010). Online textual communications annotated with grades of emotion strength, EMOTION2010.
  • Trier, M., Bobrik, A., (2009). Content-based Community Detection in Social Corpora, Proceedings Wirtschaftsinformatik. Österreichische Computer, 295 – 304.
  • Grujic, J., Mitrovic, M. & Tadic, B. (2009). Mixing patterns and communities on bipartite graphs on web-based social interactions, Proceedings of Digital Signal Processing, 2009 16th International Conference, 5-7 July 2009, Santorini, Greece, ISBN: 978-1-4244-3297-4, DOI: 10.1109/ICDSP.2009.5201238 Current Version Published: 2009-08-18
  • Mitrovic, M., & Tadic, B. (2009). Finding structure in blogs: bipartite networks analysis. Proceedings Fourth International ICST Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tool, October 20-22, 2009 - Pisa, Italy. VALUETOOLS 2009. ACM, 2009. - ISBN 978-963-9799-70-7.

Conference presentations, posters and talks

  • Chmiel, A., Skowron, M., Rank, S., Affect Listeners demonstration: Mid-term Flagship Conference.  Warsaw, Poland, 24-25 Nov. 2011.
  • Skowron, M., Chmiel, A., Rank, S., CyberEmotions project exhibition and Affect Listeners demonstration:  Innovation Convention 2011. Polish Research Projects - Under the Patronage of the Polish Presidency, Brussels, Belgium, 5-6 Dec. 2011.
  • Kappas, A., K üster, D., Theunis, M., & Tsankova, E. (2010, September). Cyberemotions: Subjective and physiological responses to reading online discussion forums. Poster presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research, Portland, Oregon.
  • B. Tadic, M.Mitrovic & Paltoglou, G. (2010). Collective emotional behavior on Blogs: Data-driven modeling and theoretical survey, within the Satellite event "High-Throughput-Humanities", ECCS'10 European Conference on Complex Systems, 13-17 September, Lisbon, PT
  • M.Mitrovic & B. Tadic (2010). Patterns of User Behavior and Community Structure on Blogs, TWCS'10 - Turunc Workshop on Complex Systems 2010, 30.August-01.September, Marmaris, TR

  • Theunis, M., Küster, D., Tsankova, E., & Kappas, A. (2010, April). Online discussion forums elicit subjective emotional response. Poster accepted for presentation at the Third European Conference on Emotion, organized by the Consortium of European Research on Emotion (CERE), Villeneuve d'Ascq, France.
  • Kappas, A. "CYBER EMOTIONS: The challenges of individual and collective emotions in cyberspace", In the panel: Emotions and Mass Media: Current and Future Perspectives, at the 59th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association: Keywords in Communication, Chicago, May 21-25, 2009
  • Kappas, A., Skowron, M., Thelwall, M., Holyst, J. (2009). CyberEmotions symposium together with with Agneta Fischer: "CYBEREMOTIONS: Collective emotions in cyberspace pose challenges to emotion research and theory" at the International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE) conference in Leuven.
  • Tadic, B. (2009), Blogs dynamics and user communities (invited lecture), Conference "Modelling Science: Understanding, forecasting, and communicating the science systems" 6-8 October 2009 Amsterdam, NL.
  • Tadic, B. (2009), Finding Structure in Blogs: Bipartite Networks Analysis (invited lecture), VALUETOOLS 4th ICST Internat.Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools, session Complex Networks, 20-22 October 2009, Pisa, Italy
  • Tadic, B. (2009) Modelling traffic on networks as complex dynamical system (invited lecture) 9. November, 2009. Lakeside Labs: Self-organizing networked systems, Klagenfurt, Austria.
  • Mitrovic, M. (2009), Spectral analysis of networks reveals communities in complex systems data (poster, 1st prize!), Conference NET2009 Evolution and Complexity, and COST-MP0801 Annual meeting, 27-30 May 2009, Roma, Italy.


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